Wear protective clothing or workwear? Don't forget to reclaim tax.


Do your employees wear uniform or protective clothing to work? If they do and it is their responsibility to wash or repair or replace. They may be able to reclaim tax back from the UK Government.

Unfortunately you cannot reclaim tax back on the uniform purchase itself. However if you’ve bought from MyWorkwear, with our price match guarantee, you’ll sleep soundly in the knowledge that you’ve paid the best price available.

How much can I get and how do I claim?

Depending on what occupation you have will depend on how much rebate you can claim. The amount will depend on the nature of the clothing and the frequency with which it is washed. 

Some occupations are able to claim back a fixed rate. At time of writing a Joiner or Carpenter could claim £140 a year whilst a Plumber could claim £120. If you take a look at this page on the government website you will be able to see if your occupation is listed. If you are a nurse or a healthcare worker, then you should look at this page to see how the rates apply to you.

If your occupation isn’t listed, then you will be able to claim a flat rate expense which from 2008/9 onwards is £60 per year. Click here for more information.

The government say that you can claim back for the past 4 years. So if you wore uniform and no longer do, it’s worth trying to make a claim.

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