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To make an impact and generate those all-important leads during 2020 and beyond, including at the Backing Britain Live Expo, MyWorkwear shares their knowledge on why it's essential to ensure that your company, your products, and services are presented in the best way possible.

Speaking to James Worthington, Managing Director of Telford-Based, MyWorkWear, he explained that despite the onset of COVID-19, and the rise of Virtual Meetings, the appearance of your company, and those representing it, have never been more important.

"All interactions that customers have with your brand, be they physical or virtual, cause those customers to develop opinions about your company, and the staff representing your company are very much part of this."

James went on to explain how now is the time to invest in brand-awareness, with the rise of PPE making it easier than ever to lose your identity. Speaking, he said, "Untidy staff, who seemingly have no visible link to your company, could immediately put customers off, so it's important to get it right. With staff working from home, or many staff on business premises having to wear PPE, it's now even easier to lose your brand identity, but MyWorkwear is available to help."

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the start of this year, everyone has had to change the way they interact with clients, and for James, this presents a great time  to review the way your company presents itself. 

"This time provides a great opportunity to review your workwear and uniform to ensure it is appropriate for 2020. With the individual on the Zoom call or the mask at the customer service desk becoming the new face of your company, we can advise on the best ways to update and improve your workwear going forward. OUr virtual appointments allow you to gain advice, see products and ensure you have the right workwear to increase your brand awareness."

James went on to say, "We are all adapting to a new way of working, and for many of us video conference calls and virtual networking, is now commonplace. While the jokes fly about virtual meetings in pyjamas and slippers, how your team dresses for these virtual meetings is as important, if not more so, than physical meetings. Do you want your staff promoting another company's brand on their T-shirt during a call with your most important client?"

With the Backing Britain Live 2020 Exhibition being virtual this year, James highlighted why appropriate workwear is vital in finding success with both existing and potential new clients. "On a Zoom call, during a Google meet or even at a virtual expo, your potential clients are likely only to see you or one of your employees, so it's essential to ensure their clothing is on-brand and memorablefor the right reasons. The uniform that is perhaps appropriate in the office, and where your logo is visible in the real world, may not work on the screen.

As a business owner myself, I know how branding helps to build trust with your customers and grow your reputation. Any interaction can cause people to develop opinions about your brand - even down to untidy staff on a virtual call."

So in preparation for Backing Britain Live 2020, what is  James's Best Practice advice for both you, and your team's Virtual Message?

  1. Consistency - your team should all wear a similar 'virtual' uniform, so customers and clients see a consistent approach
  2. Visibility - logos should be placed on clothing to ensure they can be seen on the screen - where a logo on the reverse of a T-shirt may have worked for the floor, it will now be hidden.
  3. Comfort - although we don't need to be sitting in our pyjamas when working virtually, a shirt and tie are probably not required either. We're finding polo shirts with a clear logo/company name on the chest are very popular.

And more generally, what are MyWorkwear's critical tips for your staff clothing in 2020?

  • Avoid mixed messages
  • Create an integrated appearance – even with remote communication
  • Don't hide your branding because of new regulations
  • Be creative….. PPE can be on-brand too
  • Allow your company to stand out and make an impression for all the right reasons!

Given the Telford-Based companies long-standing partnership with Made in the Midlands, and many of their members, they are offering a 15% MIM discount off all orders and free delivery for orders over £99. To utilise this offer, call 01952 585881 or visit and quote MITM15

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