MyWorkwear looks to clean up after agreeing new Made in the Midlands collaboration


Made in the Midlands Patron MyWorkwear is expanding its offering after agreeing a new collaboration with a fellow member of the manufacturing network.

The Telford company has concluded a tie-in with StaySafe PPE, which will enable it to offer a laundered workwear solution with no long-term contract.

Since 1976, MyWorkwear has been supplying uniforms/workwear to industries across the UK. MyWorkwear embroider or print logos and branding to more than 3,000 items of 'off the shelf ' clothing. It also manufactures or alters clothing to meet customer requirements.

"Customers were asking if we could wash their workwear as well as provide it," said James Worthington, Managing Director of MyWorkwear. "It was an interesting question and we looked around to see how we could provide a solution."

The search led MyWorkwear to explore various companies which offered laundry solutions. One of these stood head and shoulders above the rest. At the Made in the Midlands exhibition, James met with Denise Brinton, founder of Staysafe PPE Ltd to discuss collaboration.

Staysafe PPE offers a laundry and recycling service for all workwear, including industrial gloves.

"We discovered that not all companies were equipped to handle all aspects of the laundry process," said owner Denise Brinton.  "We began our laundry business focussing on gloves as a product that was being overlooked. We discovered that many companies binned soiled gloves which we could launder, inspect, and return in viable pairs. It saves companies money in replacement, landfill, and reduces their carbon footprint as unviable gloves are sent to Veolia for high temperature incineration."

Working together, MyWorkwear is able to provide workwear and StaySafe PPE can collect, launder and return as required. Both companies strive to ensure they offer excellent customer service at all times.

"We do not ask our customers to sign a contract unless they wish to," added Denise. "We let our service dictate whether a customer wishes to remain with us, rather than insist on a  contract.”

If you would like to speak to MyWorkwear and SafeSafe PPE about their joint workwear and laundry services, please contact either James on 01952 585881 or Denise on 01746 781027.

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