How MyWorkwear's Safety Footwear Clinic can help you make smarter PPE choices.

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If you currently buy safety footwear for your team, or have been tasked with the job of doing so, how do you know that you are buying what you actually need? Or are you still ordering the same boots for everyone that you did 5 years ago

Introducing the MyWorkwear Safety Foot Clinic

At MyWorkwear we have spent 40 years helping businesses both large and small provide uniform and PPE for their workforces. Recently we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of companies call on our expertise as to what footwear options they should be providing to their workforce.  Working together with Briggs Footwear we are able to offer an on-site ‘Safety Footwear Clinic’. The purpose of the clinic is to understand and advise on current Health and Safety regulations. We will then be able to show you products to meet your needs.

Case study – Proto Labs

Proto Labs is the world’s fastest digital manufacturing source for  custom prototypes and low-volume production parts. For one of their plants, located in the UK, their teams had varying footwear requirements as many departments specialise in different manufacturing processes.

The Situation

Historically team members were given an allowance to choose the safety footwear of their choice. However there was no guidance on the suitability of the footwear for the different manufacturing processes. In addition there was no structure to the ordering process and no guarantee of delivery date from the various suppliers.

The Solution

MyWorkwear and Briggs carried out an assessment of the  footwear requirements for each department in manufacturing. We then made a selection of suitable footwear that met the set criteria. We also streamlined the ordering process and guaranteed lead times.

On-site in the Proto Labs canteen during lunch and break times, we manned a stand where team members had the chance to meet us in person and discuss their needs. This was a great opportunity to explain and show Proto Labs employees which footwear was best suited to their job based on the allowance provided by Proto Labs and answer any questions or concerns they had.

MyWorkwear and Briggs interact to team members at Proto Labs UK.

MyWorkwear and Briggs interact to team members at Proto Labs UK.

“We found the day quite enlightening” said James Worthington, MD MyWorkwear, “The team members at Proto Labs were really interested to see what different options were available to them, try on samples and place their orders.”

Would you like the Safety Footwear Clinic to visit you?

If you are an organisation that needs to provide safety footwear for at least 50 members of staff then we would be delighted to offer you a free on-site survey*. Where we will visit your place of business to introduce the different footwear options that are most suitable and will meet your requirements. To book an appointment, please email [email protected] or call 01952 585881. You can click here for more information.

*UK mainland only, excluding Highlands & Islands.

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