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Are you and your team wearing Safety Footwear? How do you know you are keeping up to date with all the regulations? The MyWorkwear Safety Footwear Clinic can visit you onsite and assess your needs and requirements.

During the last 40 years, MyWorkwear have seen regulations and fashions in the workwear industry change time and time again. “In the last few years we have definitely seen an increase in businesses looking to us for advice to ensure that they are fully up to date with all PPE regulations” says James Worthington MD of MyWorkwear.

“With changes in regulations, the variety of choices available and ensuring the product chosen meets the wearers need can cause headaches. Especially in companies where one person is purchasing workwear for multiple staff” added Worthington. “MyWorkwear have decided to focus on the area of PPE where an ill advised purchase may cause the most pain and discomfort to the wearer; safety footwear.”

The MyWorkwear Safety Footwear Clinic is working together with Briggs to visit you on site. This is where we can work together to assess what types of footwear are required for the different environments within the company. Once this has been achieved we will then advise on which actual shoes and boots that would be suitable to workers in each facet of your business. We can advise on suitable footwear for those who may have issues with their feet, to ensure that everyone is comfortable as well as safe.

You can see a case study on our website that introduces you to Proto Labs UK. MyWorkwear visited them with their Safety Footwear Clinic and helped them overcome the problems they were having.

If you are an organisation that needs to provide safety footwear for at least 50 members of staff then we would be delighted to offer you a free on-site survey*. To book an appointment or enquire further, please email or call us on 01952 585881.

*UK mainland only, excluding Highlands & Islands.

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