Are you exhibiting at #MIMEXPO2018?


On Thursday June 21st, Made in the Midlands will be hosting the 9th MIM Expo at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. All members of the MIM family have been invited, along with our peers from the Manufacturing and Engineering industries.

As a MIM member you will have the option to exhibit and we want to remind you of the importance of branding at such an event. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of MIM Expo or a first timer, here are some helpful tips to make sure you get the best from the sizeable investment made in your stand.

What are you trying to achieve at the Made in the Midlands Expo?

You’ve taken a stand at MIM Expo. Before you even load the car/van, you need to think carefully. What it is you and your business want to achieve?.

Are you…

  • Looking to gather contact details for further discussions?
  • Trying to discover who is the key decision maker?
  • Looking to make more people to aware of your brand?
  • Trying to sell the stock / products that you are taking with you?
  • Or are you looking for something else entirely?

Some of the answers to the above will depend on what kind of company you are and what type of show you are attending. Having a clear picture before attending the show will enable you to get your ‘look’ spot on.

How will your stand look?

Again, this comes down to what you are looking to achieve for the event.

  • If you are looking to chat with potential customers, maybe an area to sit/stand. Ability to offer refreshments and stationery will be key.
  • Are you a retailer, looking to sell product from your stand? Then you will need plenty of stock, displayed attractively, and clearly priced. Cash float and the ability to take credit cards will also be important.
  • Brand awareness can be achieved with a product or promotional giveaways. 
  • You will also need visuals/pull-ups to help people identify who you are. Are they clear, concise and in an easy to read font?

What about staffing the stand?

With body language making up 55% of non-verbal communication. It’s key to ensure that the staff you have on your stand are not only the right type of personality for the event. Their dress code best matches your corporate branding.

Depending on the type of company that you run and the objectives of the event will depend on the people you need on your stand. Generally speaking, you should have personable, friendly members of your team that have basic knowledge/understanding of what you are offering. If your product line is particularly specific, then you may need an expert or two on hand for more in-depth questions. However, a team of in-depth experts may scare away people who just want to chat and gather an overview before wishing to make a follow-up appointment.

Have you thought about a special show uniform?

It’s probably fair to say that the people who will be working on your stand will need to be wearing a ‘show uniform’. You may not wear a uniform day to day, but if you are working the expo in your regular shirt and tie, it won’t be quite as simple to spot your company name. This is where the experts at MyWorkwear can help, advise and produce your ‘show uniform’

  • It’s probably safe to assume that your logo will need to feature on your clothing. Maybe also each individuals name.
  • You could also add words that you wouldn’t normally wear for a day at the shop/office/factory. Maybe your website address, or a quote, phrase or statement. Why not let your stand uniform ask a question to those passing by your stand? An example could be a company offering energy savings. We can print ‘Don’t waste your time and energy, let us save you money today’. Remember that these tops are only for the duration of the show, can help you tailor your message to that particular event.
  • Will you be wearing shirts, polo shirts or t-shirts?
  • Will you need trousers, skirts or shorts too? Again this depends on what your company do and what type of show it is.
  • Let your team wear comfortable and supportive shoes. Standing on your feet for a long day can be painful if the wrong shoes are worn.

Before you arrive at the MIM Expo

Utilise the marketing that the show organisers have in place. For the MIM Expo the official # to use is #MIMEXPO2018. In the stand pack online their is already a banner to download and add to your e-mail signature.  Advertise on your own website and social media channels that you are attending. Let your customer base know as they may want to come and meet with you. Being at a trade show or event can be costly in terms of money, time and manpower. Make sure it works for you.

If you would like to talk with the MyWorkwear team about what we can offer for your MIM Expo show uniform, then please call us on 01952 585881, e-mail us  or visit us online.

James and Team MyWorkwear will be on stand 234 and we hope to see you there.

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