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Do your staff currently wear uniform, workwear, PPE or personalised clothing? Where do you currently buy your clothing from? If it’s manufactured abroad were you aware that MyWorkwear are able to design, manufacture, embroider and print and that is all done from our factory in Shropshire?

MyWorkwear have many years experience designing and manufacturing clothing and manufacture garments in a wide variety of fabrics. Including anti static (ESD), fire retardant and water resistant in cotton or poly cotton. We can work from drawings or photographs and have 100’s of ready made patterns for standard workwear uniforms, such as trousers, boiler suits, drivers jackets and tabards.

We also offer an expert embroidery and printing service. This means that if any of your clothing choices are ‘off the shelf’ we are able to brand these with your logo or name also.

Currently our specialised clothing is used in various industries including nursing, vets, electronic manufacturers and car washes.

Peace of mind when you order from a reputable UK company

There’s a popular myth that we’ve lost UK clothing manufacturing to the far east.

MyWorkwear dispel this myth by offering the following advantages compared to ordering from the likes of China.

  • * Low order volumes (Far Eastern companies usually want orders in the 1000’s)
  • * Fast delivery from within the UK not a “slow boat from China”
  • * Reactive to your requirements by offering bespoke changes to the clothing with immediate effect
  • * High quality materials sourced with properties specifically for the job (colourfast against bleach, anti static, fire retardant, water resistant etc)
  • * Interactively design and develop clothing prior to any bulk order
  • * No language misunderstandings, which may lead to expensive mistakes in cost and time

To find out how we can help your business, please call us during the week on 01952 585881 or visit our website.

We are proud to have been manufacturing in the UK since 1976. We continue to this day to employ skilled local people to manufacturer bespoke designed, specialist clothing and workwear. All manufacturing takes place in our in-house production facility in Shropshire.


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